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1 Day Kampala Cultural Tour Uganda

Tour Itinerary

Buganda Kings palace, Parliament, Rubaga & Namirembe Cathedral, Kasubi tombs and Ndere cultural show

Our tour will start from the Buganda Kingdom parliament called Bulange and the kings palace in Lubiri. Here you’ll find out why the kings palace was once used as a military barracks.

Buganda is one ancient traditional kingdom in Eastern and Central Africa. At Buganda Palace you’ll have a chance to see president Amin’s prison and also get firsthand experience of Amins torture chambers.

After visiting the Kabaka’s(king’s) palace in Lubiri, proceed to Rubaga Cathedral, one of the oldest churches of the Uganda martyrs and also spot where the king of Buganda wrote a letter inviting missionaries to Uganda. Proceed to Namiremebe cathedral the oldest cathedral in Uganda.

Transfer to Wamala tombs. Wamala is the sacred burial place of Kabaka Suuna II (1836-1856), who had 148 wives and 218 children. Suuna was the last King to be buried in his own palace and the last to have his jaw bone removed after death. He was also the first King to admit outside traders into Buganda. A magical but almost forgotten place, where the first Arab traders first come to Buganda in 1844.

At 4:00pm drive to Kasubi tombs. Thei tomb was established in 1880 and the royals of the Buganda Kingdom are buried here. It’s a burial ground for the previous four kings of Bungada Kabakas (Kings), making it a very important centre for the royal family, a place where the Kabaka (King)and his representatives frequently carry out important rituals related to Baganda culture.

Later at 5:00pm you’ll transfer to Ndere Cultural Center, where you will enjoy lots of entertainment including traditional cultural dances collections from over Uganda. Please note, this cultural show is only available if you’re in Kampala City at 6pm on Sunday! 7pm on Wednesdays’ and Fridays only. Transfer to your hotel for overnight.

Accommodation options:
Luxury: Skyz Hotel Budget: Forest Cottages
Meal plan: Lunch and Dinner



1 Day

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