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Covers Tours and Travel is here to make your honeymoon so memorable and gives you lasting impression. There are more suitable reasons why East Africa is so popular for honeymoons and weddings and we are here to make your honeymoon come true.



Bush Experience
Bush Experience

For couples looking for an authentic bush experience, without being too adventurous, there are many suitable options to consider. Great food and services, hot showers, cold drinks, flush toilets and comfortable beds are all available without sacrificing on the wildlife viewing or overall ‘bush experience’. If you are seeking genuine luxury on safari, suitable options do exist, however we would encourage you not to limit yourself to purely those options but also consider more outside Africa like Bali, Dubai, Paris to mention

Just incase you want your wedding in the wild
Just incase you want your wedding in the wild

In order to make sure your trip perfect in every way, you need 100% accurate and impartial advice on all aspects of your holiday, and you need your tour operator to not only appreciate your preferences but genuinely care about your trip. As Covers Tours and Travel we as specialist company, we understand these requirements and our consultants will strive to ensure your whole research, booking and travelling experience is a close to ‘perfect’ as possible.

For couples planning a wedding in East Africa, these factors are even more important.

More for you
More for you

Not only can East Africa offer memorable and stunning locations for intimate weddings or blessings, but we can also guarantee management and staff who will really care about your individual wedding experience. If you choose to be married on safari, you may well be the only wedding they organize and well planned. Covers Tours and Travel company will be nearly as excited about it as you are! So, we will look forward to make it as sweet memory as possible for your happiness.

Covers Tours and Travel can make your wedding safari theme your lasting impression. Try us!

Enjoy your honeymoon
Enjoy your honeymoon

There are many amazing options and it is hard to say where would be best for anyone without understanding their personal interests, requirements and budget, so at Covers Tours and Travel we share and note down the client’s desires and work on making their dreams come true. However, the following points may be a useful guide:

For a ‘softer’ safari adventure, possibly with superior levels of luxury and sophistication, South Africa offers amazing safaris, where you are pretty guaranteed to see the big game up close.
Kenya is home to the Masai Mara, one of Africa most incredible game viewing areas which is ideal for honeymooners looking to experience the quintessential African plains experience.
Tanzania is a country that can offer incredible safari and beach honeymoons. Both regions can easily combine with Zanzibar and the other Tanzania islands.
Simple safaris honeymoon can also be enjoyed in Uganda in different destinations across the country

More options
More options

However, if you have a flexible budget and are interested in spending a little longer on safari, safari countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana can offer amazing, remote and exclusive wilderness adventures. These countries can be combined with lovely beach destinations such as Mozambique, Mauritius and Seychelles, as well with a visit to Victoria Falls. A few days on the Zambezi River near Victoria Falls can offer some non-safari relaxation time as an alternative to visiting the beach.

Honeymoon outside Africa
Honeymoon outside Africa

Besides Safari honeymoon we organize too other honeymoon packages outside Africa.

We can guarantee our clients impeccable service and personal attention when they travel to the destinations we recommend. Just leave the honeymoon to us!

Honeymoon in Dubai
Honeymoon in Dubai

A honeymoon in Dubai the largest city offers the desert, beach, and a wealth of shopping and activities—all in one luxurious package. For what would feel like two getaways in one, couples can spend a few days at a beach resort and another at a sleek downtown hotel preferably.
Dubai is complimented with some great choice of 5-star hotels, exclusive meet and greet, luxury private transfers, private city tour and a private yacht for 2 hours, dessert safari feel and beach moments in Dubai.
Covers Tours and Travel will endeavor to a suitable package with all the private inclusions which you can enjoy in the company of your loved one.
Covers Tours and Travel can make all required packages budget, middle and luxury for your Honeymoon treasures.

Honeymoon in Bali
Honeymoon in Bali

Honeymoon should offer much-needed relaxation after a stressful day of wedding plans and arrangements. A Bali honeymoon offers a relaxing and memorable honeymoon.
Get out of Indonesia’s islands and experience an exotic and magical honeymoon.
Let go Bali as a honeymoon destination!
Bali paints a romantic picture with its tropical rainbow of shores, towering volcanoes, lush green rice paddy fields, and dense jungles and there’s a lot of culture experience to enjoy.
Covers Tours and Travel can make your honeymoon memorable in Bali at affordable costs and favorable packages for all classes, just request your quotation for more details.

All your Honeymoon Experiences are covered with Covers Tours and Travel



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