Covers Travellers started with an ideology by Ms. Dinah Masereka whose passion in Travelling superseded the idea and developed to the act of implementation. Following the ideology Ms Dinah’s interest was initially with domestic travelers and especially with sharing travel experiences worldwide at affordable rates. Therefore, she partnered with a team of two members with the same vision to fulfill her dream. In addition, she wanted to help local citizen and international travelers appreciate nature and local available tourist attraction features in tourism industry and all over the world.

Following the growth of Unpack and Relax travellers, we decided to expand and merge with Covers Tours and Travel and formed Covers Travellers.

At Covers Tours and Travel we have group travels, family among others.

Group travels is convenient especially for people who feel the pull of last-minute solo holidays, but don’t really feel safe going on holiday alone.

group travel tours are more affordable because of a little economic principle called ‘buying,

It is also a great way to meet new people

Covers Tour and Travel organize really interesting and creative group trips

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