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Covers Tours and Travel has got you all the holidays you can have as a family.

Family vacations are most likely to create the best memories of your lifetime, they help the family to bond more and makes every one in the family to feel the sense of belonging. Below are some of the itinerary packages;


Family Vacation Worldwide
Family Vacation Worldwide

Family vacations are most likely to create the best memories of your lifetime.
There are so many things which are “kid friendly” in this country while, at the same time offering a wealth of interests for adults
In family vacations we consider what would interest your children and yourself. We look at Zoos, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries, play stations and unique marine life viewing. We prepare an itineraries which include enough to keep everyone occupied

Beach Escape
Beach Escape

Covers Tours and Travel has a large selection of suggestions for your island vacations within the country and out side the country.
We understand that planning a vacation is challenging, especially when it come to the beach. Not only are there many options to choose from but there are many knitty gritty details that go into bringing it all together.
Covers Tours and Travel is here to take the trouble of not only researching and planning your trip but also making the necessary Close to home, it is possible that you have either experienced or considered a beach vacation.

Family Day Trips
Family Day Trips

We also organize a half day city tour or a full day well planned with activities suitable for the families to enjoy. These tours would be conducted with a local guide from our company.
All you have to do is let us know either exactly or even roughly what you wish to see, do experience and we will give you at friendly costs. We will also make suggestions if required.

Family Safari Trip
Family Safari Trip

You can have a Family Safari with Covers Tours and Travel. It is exciting experience to see animals in their natural habitat.
Visiting East Africa with your children could be one of the most interesting, fun and educational holidays you ever take as a family. A safari is not to harm but to view animals and in this eco-friendly way, it has a positive impact.
Safari activities that are suitable for children will vary according to the ages of children and the region you visit. Covers Tours and Travel is here to make your safari enjoyable and memorable.

Go as you Please, Transportation and Hotels
Go as you Please, Transportation and Hotels

Sometimes a family will have their bucket list and they would wants to clear it off the list, but with no idea where to start, Covers Tours and Travel will help to enlight and introduce more ideas hence making it easier and costs saving.
Covers Tours and travel also help them to conveniently get the most out of their trip. These cover transportation, accommodation and sightseeing tours and identifying transport and cheap accommodations.

Adventurous Family Trip
Adventurous Family Trip

If the family wants to experience an active and adventurous vacation, you may be looking for something different from the usual run of the mill vacation. The main ingredients of this type of travel could be any of the following. Climbing, Cycling, Trekking, Rafting, Sailing, Camping, and Hiking to name a few.
Covers Tours and Travel offers you a number of travel ideas which include these activities and more. You don’t have to be young in years as much as healthy, young at heart and energetic to take part. The possibilities for this type of vacation are almost limitless in our world.

Family Vacation Packages with Airfare worldwide
Family Vacation Packages with Airfare worldwide

Covers Tours and Travel can organize your trip worldwide and make you enjoy your trip outside the country. We can advise for price friendly destinations and at the same time favorable for a family pocket wise and considerate. We arrange all your air transfers and accommodation and activities.

Family Road Trip
Family Road Trip

Covers Tours and Travel will organize your family road trips include plenty of exciting things, but they involve long distances in between everything too. It will mean your child will have to learn to become more patient because they won't have any other choice.
If you're trying to save lots of fuel it will take even longer until you reach your planned stops. Patience is one of the most important things you need as an adult, so road trips will pay dividends in the future.
Traveling in the company of those we love is one of the best things in the world. Road trips are great ways to bond with kids, make remarkable vacation memories, teach them to enjoy simplicity and be present in the moment and obviously an easy way to spend a lot of time together as a family.



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